Pandemic Perfume Diaries (Week 15)

Here are are, about to enter the month of July…getting closer to the “dog days” of summer. (See what I did there?)

Last week I sifted through my samples to find perfumes named for various animals. Here’s a look at what I found and spritzed…

Memo Tiger’s Nest

I couldn’t resist trying this one just for the name…and then I really liked it. It’s an incense-y composition inspired by a Buddhist monastery perched in the mountains of Bhutan.

You can read my review on Now Smell This.

Zoologist Hummingbird

Every Zoologist fragrance is inspired by a different animal: Camel! Sloth! Panda! My personal favorite is Dragonfly but I’m also enjoying my sample of Hummingbird, a sweet fruity floral with notes of plum, cherry, citrus, lilac, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, peony, mimosa, soft musk, and more.

You can find a review here, on Colognoisseur.

Velvet & Sweet Pea Purrfumery Black Cat

One of my favorites from this independent natural perfumer, Black Cat is a gourmand that never turns too sweet; I can wear it even in warmer weather.

I reviewed it ages ago on Now Smell This.

Hermetica Amberbee

Hermetica, younger sibling of Memo, offers a range of water-based fragrances categorized by scent-family. Amberbee, one of its “Vertical Ambers,” blends notes of bergamot, myrrh, vanilla and more for a soft, honeyed amber fragrance.

I reviewed a few other Hermetica fragrances for NST last year.

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid

Half-woman, half-fish…a mythical beast! Fantasia Mermaid is also a hybrid, with fruity and watery notes over a driftwood-y base.

You can read more in my review on Now Smell This.

Do you happen to have any favorite perfumes with animal-inspired names or concepts? Feel free to share!


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