Pandemic Perfume Diaries (Week 16)

As we hit the four-month mark of COVID-19 shutdowns and stay-at-homes, we also wrapped up June, the month of roses. For a sense of comfort and a seasonally appropriate scent-menu, I dipped again into my extensive holdings of rose scents.

Elizabetn and James Nirvana Rose

I used to recommend the Elizabeth and James line to anyone and everyone when it was available at Sephora. Why has it all but vanished in recent years?

Nirvana Rose is a really solid woody-rose scent with accents of geranium and vetiver. It could be worn by women or men, and it smells much more expensive than it is.

I reviewed Nirvana Rose and Nirvana Bourbon for Now Smell This in 2016.

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle Une Rose

This one’s a diva, and not truly “me,” but I enjoy revisiting it from time to time (which I can do, thanks to a kind friend who passed along a cache of Malle samples to me).

Robin reviewed it for NST.

Kate Moss Kate

Remember this one? Probably not! It was launched in 2007 and when it was later discontinued I picked up a bottle at one of those beauty-product clearance outlet stores in midtown Manhattan.

The dropper applicator is odd, but the fragrance itself is fine, a lower-budget response to Stella McCartney Stella (2003) and other musky-sweet rose scents that followed.

April Aromatics Rosenlust

April Aromatics is a botanical perfume line based in Berlin, and Rosenlust is an all-natural scent, “a marriage of several different roses of the world, from Bulgaria, Turkey, India and England.” I ordered a sample a while back. This is another one that doesn’t feel quite “me” on my skin, but I like sniffing it from time to time.

You can read a review from Victoria J at EauMG, here.

Thymes Kimono Rose

This is the latest perfume to join my collection, since it was a birthday gift just last week! Kimono Rose combines rose with note of black currant and vanilla, so it’s on the sweet side but very wearable—perfect for fall, I’m guessing.

I haven’t found any reviews of this one, but you can always visit the Thymes website to check out their body products too (I love the Neroli Sol line!).

Have you been falling back on any tried-and-true fragrances notes lately?


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