Upcoming Online Talks and Classes, January 2021

Bonne année! I hope your 2021 will be happy, healthy, and well-scented.

I’m leading two online lectures/classes this month, and I hope you’ll join one or spread the word if you’re so inclined!** On January 14, I’m offering a reworked version of my Perfume 101: Fragrance Basics talk through my longtime friends at the Brooklyn Brainery. (This is an introduction to “perfume appreciation,” so it may be *too* basic for many of you, but perhaps you know someone who’d like to start learning more about fragrance?) On January 28, I’m giving a talk on perfume advertising and art history, revamping and condensing some of my ideas from past talks on this subject. This event is hosted by the amazing Institute for Art & Olfaction.

Thank you, as always, for your support!

**Unless you and/or they work in the fragrance industry, in which case I hope you’ll contact me to arrange a private group session for an appropriate fee, rather than hijacking multiple slots in an event intended for members of the public. That’s happened a few times before and it’s really not ideal for you or me or the rest of the group.

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