Passing Fancies ~ March 2022

Reading: Tanaïs, In Sensorium: Notes for My People.

Video: Nightmare Alley

Audio: I’ve had the same song by The Kinks (“Waterloo Sunset”) stuck in my head for the past three days. Does that count?

(Tr)eats: For some reason I keep thinking about a “street corn salad” I had at a local restaurant a couple of weeks ago. I need to go back just for that.

Drinks: Real ginger tea with good honey, from a café near work.

Beauty Products: Rituel de Fille lipsticks. A hand cream from Sephora that smells like a Good Humor toasted almond ice-cream bar.

Garb: Still wearing my winter coat. Come on, March! Oh, but I rediscovered a pair of mary jane wedges that I’d stashed under my desk at work before the pandemic and forgotten about, so that was like getting a new pair of shoes.

Pleasures: Attending an in-person fragrance launch in Brooklyn! (Thanks for the invite, J!) Lunchtime walks, despite the ongoing chill. A quick weekend at the beach, ditto.

Plans: Figure out what to do about Easter this year. Take a few days off just to work on some side projects. Stop reading about Will Smith and Chris Rock (I know, I know).

Image: Calendar by unidentified German artist, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2012.7103.3


  1. Pleasures: Listening to “The Perfumer’s Cat.” I enjoy your sequence very much, and all the others too. Thank you for the notice.

    Video: Binge watching “Rawhide.” If you think you know the show, try it again. And speaking of songs that get stuck in your head…

    Audio: I love “Waterloo Sunset.” I haven’t thought about it in years.

    Beauty Products: Guerlain’s Abielle Royale toner

    Plans: lunch date with a friend and a thrifting visit.

    Fun trip: visit with family out West and to a local hot springs. A cold night in a small town at the local springs is not to be missed for the billows of steam swirling around and the starry sky above you as you soak. (The natural springs are fed into and flow through regular swimming pools and changing rooms are clean and nice.)


    • That trip to a spring sounds perfect!! My goodness.

      Why aren’t The Kinks more of a household name? Or is this just an issue in the US? I feel like I’ve been sleeping on them for way too long.

      I really enjoyed listening to the whole Perfumer’s Cat episode! Saskia is brilliant at creating a list of participants and bringing out the best in them.


  2. Wow – Saw that Movie just the other nigh, it reminded me of Politics. What a circus of deception we have been audience to, and how irredeemable some of today’s players truly are.


  3. I just checked the almond cream from Sephora, it looks really cozy. 🙂
    And the book sounds interesting, I wonder if it’s available at a local library.


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