Roses for June: Poiret and La Rose de Rosine

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 5.46.15 PM.png

This is the cover of a promotional booklet issued by Paul Poiret’s Les Parfums de Rosine in 1923, as scanned and uploaded by Diktat. I thought late June would be the perfect time to share it.

I’ve never seen this booklet in person, but I can imagine how vibrant its seven roses and their leaves must have been when first printed.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 5.45.49 PM.png

This scan shows the page dedicated to the house’s signature scent, La Rose de Rosine. Poiret had named Les Parfumes de Rosine, the fragrance branch of his couture house, after his daughter Rosine. The bottle for this particular fragrance was decorated with the rose motif that the designer also used on his clothing labels.

via Metropolitan Museum of Art

Les Parfums de Rosine was revived, under new ownership, in 1991. (It’s one of my favorite niche perfume houses.)

More recently, the Poiret fashion brand (which closed down in 1929), has been brought back under the ownership of South Korean retail business Shinsegae and the creative direction of designer Yiqing Yin for Fall 2018.

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