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In honor of June—the month of roses—and as a birthday card to myself, here’s a vintage advertisement for Caron’s La Fête des Roses!

This fragrance was created by perfumer Ernst Daltroff and was released by Caron in 1936. It’s no longer in production, but I bet it was beautiful. It certainly inspired some dreamy visuals from Caron. This ad, with its Flora-like figure, is my favorite. It dates to 1949.

And, because I can’t resist this bit of NYC retail history:


It’s a photograph of a 1950 window display at Bonwit Teller (one of the late, great department stores of Fifth Avenue), featuring La Fête des Roses’ gilded, gridded bottle accompanied by a vase of roses, scattered rose petals, and a backdrop of a stylish couple.

I’ll be wearing one of my favorite rose perfumes today—I’m not sure yet which one it will be.

I hope your day is fragrant and festive, too!

First image: via H-Prints. Second image: Dan Arje; Virginia Roehl. Bonwit Teller Display Featuring the Fragrance “La Fete Des Roses” by Caron. 1950. Dan Arje papers. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 25 Jun 2018.