5 Perfume Ads for International Cat Day 2018

hoyt's 1890s.jpg

It has recently come to my attention that today is International Cat Day (or, as I like to call it, “Wednesday”). In that spirit, I offer you five images of fabulously fragrant felines!

The first one is a circa-1890s trade card for E. W. Hoyt, based in Lowell, Massachusetts. This cat and her kittens are promoting Hoyt’s German Cologne, with a side-mention of Rubifoam tooth cleanser. Note the distracting presence of the canary in the upper right corner of the scene…

Bienaime 1950.jpg

I’m not too familiar with the Parisian house of Bienaimé but I love this collage-like illustration for Jours Heureux (“Happy Days”), released in 1938. This ad dates to 1950 and includes a heart, a bird, and flowers, as well as the cat—all in a style that feels influenced by Matisse’s “cut-out” art.

My Sin ca 1958.jpg

Lanvin’s advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s are often witty as well as stylishly drawn. This one, for My Sin, dates to about 1958. That mother-cat has quite a sly look in her eye…

nahema 1980.jpg

Nahéma is one of my favorite Guerlain fragrances (along with Shalimar and Après l’Ondée) and I was delighted to come across this image. The cat is just as lavishly bejeweled as its mistress, and I bet it has traces of Nahéma on its fur from being petted.

miu miu 2015.jpg

And, more recently (2015), Miu Miu’s first fragrance introduced this little tuxedo cat as its co-“model.” The fragrance isn’t bad, but the ad really is a winner.

Thanks for looking! Wishing you and your feline friends a well-scented day.



  1. Thank you, Jessica! What a fine collection for those of us who delight in finding a cat connection everywhere. The only fragrance featured that I have is Miu Miu, and the bottle design and the kitten were, ah, influential.


    • You’re very welcome! I managed to resist this fragrance but then I caved on Miu Miu Eau Rosée because the bottle was even prettier and there was another cat in the ads. ahhh!


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