Nose News: Perfume on the Radio

Confession: I don’t really listen to podcasts. They rarely hold my focus for more than ten minutes or so, no matter how much the speaker or the subject otherwise interests me. I’m not sure why this is. But I do listen to the radio every single day, often using an actual radio. (I’m old-school.)

Related news: Venturing further into the virtual world that has become more and more of our reality in 2020-2021, the Institute for Art and Olfaction recently launched a show called Perfume on the Radio in conjunction with (KGAP 96.7 FM in Burbank, KFQM 101.5 FM in Pacific Palisades, KLDB 99.1 FM in Hollywood). You can listen to the show when it goes “live” or later, online.

Every episode has a theme, and most of them will feature a handful of scent-obsessed guests from different disciplines. The inaugural episode was called “Location, Location.” The second episode, “Questions of Class,” will air on January 28th (and be posted online for later listening). I’m very happy to be one of the participants in Episode 2!

I had no problem at all listening to Episode 1 in its entirety; in fact, I wanted more when it was over! So, even if you’re podcast-averse, you should give this new show a listen.

You can also follow IAO on Instagram for updates.

(Disclaimer: I was not paid for my participation in this show and I’m not reaping any financial benefit from it.)

Image: Woman with Radio, National Photo Company Collection,  Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 

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