5 Perfumes for a Snow Day

Carl Fischer for GQ, 1958

Our local weather forecast is predicting snow for Monday and Tuesday, so we made sure to stock up on some essentials during our weekend errands and now we’re ready to spend the day as we usually do, anyway, working from home with short breaks for snacks and coffee and (in my case, at least) vacant stares out the window. At least there might be some snowfall to watch!

In that spirit of preparation, here’s a list of five perfumes I associate with a snowy day, plus links to my reviews from the “archives” (i.e., past posts on Now Smell This).

Bundle up!

Olfactive Studio Lumière Blanche: The brand describes this fragrance as “a comforting cocoon, between milky mildness and cold spices.” When I wrote about it during a snowy winter in 2014, I said that it evoked a “gray sky with a pale winter sun shining through a layer of clouds.” 

Arquiste Aleksandr: A scent inspired by the fatal duel that ended the life of writer Aleksandr Pushkin. Sounds very high-concept, right?—but I wrote that “the story is seamlessly joined to the scent”: hints of a wintry Russian landscape, traditional men’s colognes of the 1800s, leather gloves and boots.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Couverture d’Hiver (Holiday No. 20): This is DSH’s annual winter fragrance for 2020-2021, and it’s an “ozonic gourmand” that somehow segues smoothly from chilly forest air to white chocolate and skin musk. (updated with link)

LVNEA Frost Flowers: I still love the way this composition’s chilly mint note seems to crystallize its berry and floral notes. I called Frost Flowers “intimate and quirky” when I reviewed it in 2018. I should probably order another sample sometime…

Les Parfums de Rosine Rose des Neiges: After all the windy skies and snowdrifts and frost-encrusted blooms of the perfumes above, Rose des Neiges is time spent indoors with a fluffy wool blanket, soft pajamas, and some ice cream. These comforts, too, are important elements of a snow day.

Do you have any favorite scents to wear in snowstorms? Feel free to mention them in the comments!


    • Filomena!! I was going to include LV Teint de Neige but I feel like I’m *constantly* talking about it…! So funny. And, I should add that a French-speaking NST reader informed me that “teint de neige” translates as “snow-white complexion,” not “shade of snow,” no matter what the LV promotional materials…but I still associate it with actual snow. 😉


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